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Wishing you all the very best for 2016

Hi everyone, hope your new year has some exciting plans in it, we’ve just come back from a lovely holiday with Family in the UK, wonderful treasured memories.
Already I’m excited to get back into my studio and play, I’ve made a ‘one off ‘fun doll to start the year, (if you are interested have a look on my Facebook page.)
I’m busy planning for Open Studios here in Whanganui,  New Zealand, in March, it’s held over 2 weekends and what is normally my private creative space will be open to anyone interested.
Bit of a challenge since I’m not a tidy worker and a scrap of fabric, rubbish to someone else, is a treasure to me, so I need to sort a few things out!
Still, looking forward to seeing everyone, and there will be heaps of other studios around the city to visit too.

Very sad news that The Cloth Shop in Palmerston Nth is closing at the end of this month, I’ve taught there for Katherine over many years and have absolutely LOVED the classes, the fun people they attract and I’ve been very well looked after by Katherine and Colin, it’s been a wonderful place and ‘community ‘ to be part off, I feel very  privileged, thank you so much Katherine, you will be very very much missed.

For those people around the area who are interested in coming to one of my classes, Dianne from Village Books and Crafts has spoken to me and we have a date for a class in May, check out the details on the ‘workshops‘ page.
Meanwhile enjoy your summer or your winter wherever you may be, cheers Jill

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