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Christchurch Class at Hands Craft Shop

I feel very privileged going to Christchurch and having a chance to catch up with my friend Cathy, she is one of the most creative people I know and can successfully achieve nearly every craft known, as well as cook and make fantastic coffee!

Hands Craft Shop where I work has an amazing range of stock, in fact the best I’ve seen in New Zealand as far as craft supplies go, not to mention their magazines and books. I always find and purchase some unusual bits and pieces there. I could easily spend hours in that shop and the staff are so helpful.

The girls enjoyed making Lizzie and I was inspired to hear their stories of the changes to their lives since ‘the quake’, amazing positive people. I love being in the South Island

An amazing group of 'Lizzies'
An amazing group of ‘Lizzies’
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Fun at the Bernina Sewing Centre in Ashburton

I always like going to Ashburton teaching, the classroom is in the middle of the shop, so we are surrounded by beautiful quilts, enticing stock and interested customers. Everyone interacts which is always fun. Some of the girls I knew from previous ventures so it was like catching up, and of course it is always great to meet new doll makers. Cindy and her family are wonderful hosts!

Some great 'Lola's made in Ashburton
Some great ‘Lola’s’ made in Ashburton