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Back to work.

Its always fantastic being on holiday, this time was no exception, spending time in the UK with family and getting to know our gorgeous granddaughter, what a delight, wonderful memories  made, lots of photos and video coverage to remind us. Looking forward to getting back to work, now it seems as if winter has arrived, so new season, new beginnings. Cant wait to get into my sewing again, fresh ideas jumbled around in my brain, catch you soon, cheers Jill.







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In the UK!

Staying with our daughter and her husband and the most precious little granddaughter one could ever imagine, she is sooooooo cute, talented, happy and entertaining and is loving having ‘Nana and Pops’ around, I honestly can’t get enough of her, she is such a darling little soul. Even doing some crafts with her!

We have also been touring around the South Coast and Devon, Nana and Pops in their little car having a ball, catching up an old school friend and seeing so much of this beautiful country with its spring flowers, woodlands, rolling hills,stone buildings and bridges, thatched roofs  and tiny lanes framed with hedges, just wish it was the blackberry season!

Gorgeous gardens
Isle of Wight










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Summer is here!

Hi there, just leaping into the new year, time speeding by, enjoying summer days, doors and windows wide open to encourage the gentle breeze, walks on the beach, freshly caught fish, live music in the parks, paddle steam boat on the river, children squealing with delight, hot summer nights sitting under the jacaranda tree with a wine or talking, friends and family calling and of course Gordon cooking on the BBQ. Summer here in Wanganui? – Perfect!!

My studio leads straight out into the garden, I especially love this time of the year, Minnie Ethel, our cat, walks in and out talking very loudly about herself and demanding I brush her, then, when I oblige she crawls forward purring very loudly making me bend and totter after her, cats are very smart, when I was brushing my children’s’ hair I always demanded they stood still!

I’ve not been laying around idling the time away, I already have 3 new workshop designs for 2013! This is a record for me, but in saying that, the fun is always in the making, now I have to exercise great self control and start the serious task of writing them up, drawing diagrams and presenting exact patterns pieces (that fit!) to Gordon so he can develop it into a pattern for you.

The first pattern is called ‘Loose Cannons’, they are slightly crazy, wild and imaginative and easy to make. I’ve just taught them at the Cloth Shop Summer School – a fun 1 day workshop.

The second design just finished is ‘Lizzie’, very curvaceous, high heels, clutch purse and a snappy little jacket. She has hair piled up onto her forehead with a mass of curls surrounding her face, (you’ll have fun with the felting needle), gorgeous kissy lips, and the attitude of a girl who knows where she is heading!

The 3rd design is ‘Leonora’, (I was going to call her Leone but I cherish the relationship I have with my sister-in-law!) She will never guess that she inspired this classy slim lady with a flourish of charm, an abundance of kindness, nosey as hell and more than a dash of humor!
Leonora is designed as another ‘slightly weathered’ strong and interestingly determined woman – a design you can really personalize by using totally different fabrics, hair or color combinations.
As original ‘girlfriend birthday presents’ go, this one would be a winner!

Lots of workshops coming up, love you to join me, very best wishes, Jill

ps. If you are having a frustrating time turning your fingers etc don’t forget we still have our Turning Tools available at $12 plus P&P (for NZ customers). We welcome all our NZ customers to email us direct to purchase Turning Tools, Stuffing Forks, patterns etc in $NZ with convenient payment options.