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Christchurch Class at Hands Craft Shop

I feel very privileged going to Christchurch and having a chance to catch up with my friend Cathy, she is one of the most creative people I know and can successfully achieve nearly every craft known, as well as cook and make fantastic coffee!

Hands Craft Shop where I work has an amazing range of stock, in fact the best I’ve seen in New Zealand as far as craft supplies go, not to mention their magazines and books. I always find and purchase some unusual bits and pieces there. I could easily spend hours in that shop and the staff are so helpful.

The girls enjoyed making Lizzie and I was inspired to hear their stories of the changes to their lives since ‘the quake’, amazing positive people. I love being in the South Island

An amazing group of 'Lizzies'
An amazing group of ‘Lizzies’
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