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I’m Enjoying The Sunshine!

Hi there, I’m enjoying the sunshine here in New Zealand, my studio door is wide open into the garden so I can see and hear the birds and the bees and smell the flowers while I’m sewing. I know many of you will be wrapping up warmly against the cold, a great time for sewing!

Actually anytime is great for creating stuff!
I’ve had fun making these Christmas angels, my Maggie pattern was used for their bodies and I’ve used some old pieces of lace, silks, furnishing fabric or whatever I had in my bins to dress them, then they are decorated with a few beads, mainly pearls.
The biggest challenge has been to match up the lace with the fabrics, some pieces are too white, some too cream, some too heavy and some look too cheap!
Anyway I thought you might like some ideas for your angels (or fairies!)
Cheers, Jill x

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