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Back Again!

Well it’s way time I updated this, so much going on I get lost in the moment, I was in Auckland the other day and a lovely friend reminded me to get updated, just the push I needed , thanks Karen.
It’s been a busy fun  2014, I’ve been loving the teaching and travelling, designing, as well as making ‘one offs’  we had a fantastic month in the UK with family and are now in the middle of renovations, which are going slowly and steadily, as Gordon is doing most of the work himself, he has talent where I have none!
I’ve been to a great little exhibition in Turangi this last week, what a wonderful talented community, all share the same arts centre, leading to a varied display of amazing talent including pottery,needle craft, felting, painting, jewellery and a bit of my work, well worth a look if you are passing, very friendly locals!
Before the end of November I’ll be teaching at Te Awaumutu, Palmerston North and Rotorua, I’m working on the pattern for Cindy the cupcake lady, better get it finished or I’m in big trouble!
Spring weather here which means very changeable, one minute I’m in summer gear, next I’m pulling out the jumpers again.
Hope you have had a chance to play and create and feed your sole, promise to update this more regularly, cheers Jill

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In the UK!

Hi everyone, here we are in the UK spending precious time with our daughter, son in law and gorgeous granddaughter, who live in West Sussex, we’ve left the cold winter days behind in NZ and not missing it one bit!

I wanted to tell you we have arranged to have a stall at
Applegrath, next Saturday, 12th July, 11am – 7 pm.

Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hampshire, GU26 6JL

Here’s a few photos of some of the dolls I have for sale, there’s lots more, so come to check it out, it’s a great place, wonderful stalls, lots of entertainment and please make yourselves known, I would love to met you and put a face to your emails!
Catch you later, cheers Jill

image_1 image_2 image

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Check out our new cards!

We have just uploaded a new card set to our website and for a limited time are offering all our cards at a special price. Just $12.50 for 5 cards!
Some of our cards are just so suitable for use as party invitations etc, so do feel free to request sets made up of the same card to suit your needs!

Cheers, Jill



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Thank you for your patience!

Our ‘checkout’ page is up and running again and able to handle both Credit Card (Swipe) and Paypal payments. If you ever have problems with our website don’t hesitate to let us know especially if you can’t complete an order or download any of our e-patterns. We are here to help!

Cheers, Jill

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We are currently experiencing a few website problems

We apologize for the problems we are having on our website which means the ‘checkout’ won’t process any orders. While this is very frustrating we do encourage everyone to email us direct so we can process orders manually and send a link to enable payment by Credit Card or Paypal.
We are working on it and will have it sorted as soon as possible. In the meantime we thank you for your ongoing support and assure everyone we will deal with your requests promptly
Thank you, Jill

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Skipping into the 2014

Shelia's Trifle Some of the reason's I've been  a little slow to get back to work!

Shelia’s Trifle
Some of the reason’s I’ve been a little slow to get back to work!

Summer in the Garden

Summer in the Garden

I know I’m like the white rabbit, a little late, but due to lots of lovely visits from family and friends, trips away, catching up around the house and gardening, time really has rushed past in a whistling buzzing blur!

I had the best time doing some painting, an old dark cabinet is now an old white cabinet, looks a thousand times better and was so much fun, I’m hooked!

As for new designs, Ive just finished Clarice! I’ll post up some pictures later.

Ready to teach is Yvonne, the girls at Cottage Flair will be making her in March.

catch you again soon, cheers Jill

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A Bounteous Year!

I thought you might like to see some photos of dolls made in my last few Workshops, I’ve had the privilege of travelling to some fantastic places, staying with lovely people and teaching eager, clever, fun students!
It’s been a wonderful year of doll making, I’ve enjoyed it immensely, meeting people who are so interesting and creative, like minded people always have a bond between them and I’m very lucky to share in that.
Thank you to all who have come to one of my Workshops this year, your warm friendships mean heaps to me from the brave people that attended their first class in trepidation, to the regulars that bowl up for a fun 2 days of doll making tied into a reunion with old friends.
Enjoy your holidays, hope you manage to get some time to create. I’m loving being home, doing a bit of gardening, painting, sewing, cooking and of course catching up with family and friends.
Email me if I can help with any doll making problems and feel free to add your own comments or handy hints to my Blog.

Thank you all, cheers Jill

image (3)   The Cloth Shop


image   Cottage Flair


image (1)   Cottage Flair


image (2)   Needle ‘n Thread (Dunedin)

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I’m Enjoying The Sunshine!

Hi there, I’m enjoying the sunshine here in New Zealand, my studio door is wide open into the garden so I can see and hear the birds and the bees and smell the flowers while I’m sewing. I know many of you will be wrapping up warmly against the cold, a great time for sewing!

Actually anytime is great for creating stuff!
I’ve had fun making these Christmas angels, my Maggie pattern was used for their bodies and I’ve used some old pieces of lace, silks, furnishing fabric or whatever I had in my bins to dress them, then they are decorated with a few beads, mainly pearls.
The biggest challenge has been to match up the lace with the fabrics, some pieces are too white, some too cream, some too heavy and some look too cheap!
Anyway I thought you might like some ideas for your angels (or fairies!)
Cheers, Jill x

image (1)


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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website, I hope you enjoy finding your way around and checking out each area, and you will also note that we are now able to offer some useful tools for your doll making as well as patterns and cards.

Lizzie, our latest pattern, is available now. 

And there is another free e-pattern for you to download direct – Robbie Rabbit. He’s cheeky, fun and quick to make.

The details are all here on our website and while you are here take a good look at our new format, options and items for sale.

We are pleased to be able to offer our range of unique Cards for sale as well as Turning Tools and Stuffing Forks for the first time.

Also we now have a flat rate for shipping which means regardless of how much you order the shipping cost will stay the same.

And lastly, we have introduced payment options of Visa and Mastercard.

(Paypal is still there for you to use of course.)

Thanks everyone, enjoy your day, cheers Jill

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My Australian Trip – Adelaide

There is nothing like enjoying the company of like minded people and sharing their home, Christine made me so welcome and it was an added bonus that Jaslyn from Perth was staying there too. We had so many fun filled hours together sitting around Christine’s huge table in the evenings talking, creating and laughing, very treasured memories made – good friends, positive people.

The workshop was held in a local community center, it was huge with light streaming in through a wall of windows. The best class room I have ever taught in, plenty of room for everyone’s stuff, great facilities and of course lovely people. I love Adelaide!

Christine's Table!
Christine’s Table!

        Our Classroom!
Our Classroom!