Abbey and Friends (e-Pattern)


Little Abbey is about 16ins (40cm) tall. I’m sure you will enjoy making her and her friends. Betty Finch, travels in a tiny basket, or if you cant find one small enough, maybe use a little bag, or cardboard ring box, I’m sure you find something, or she can carry her in her arms.
Petunia Parrot perches on her head so she can see everything, (I attached her with strong thread and a long needle to her hair and head) the striped tubes have long chenille sticks inside to represent a ‘nest’ of sorts! Use your tiny turning tube to put the chenille sticks in the striped knit fabric tubes.
Have fun twisting them whichever way you wish, around a finger or pencil maybe. Sew these in place too.
Both dolls in the photo are the same with different hair. My Facebook page has some pictures from the clever people in the workshops, to give you even more ideas.

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Happy Abbey has a passion for birds; the tree covered hills near her little cottage in Taranaki New Zealand are full of birdsong. She wanders through the bush talking to them, taking photos or painting them to decorate the walls of her tiny studio.
They often rest on her window ledge or hop around in her kitchen and whenever she goes to town, Petunia, her very unusual exotic, nearly extinct, parrot sits on her head and Betty her little fat finch jumps in her shopping basket, the locals are very used to her, she has become quite famous amongst them, in fact they are thinking of putting her in their tourist brochure.
Abbey understands the chirping language, has a BA in whistling, lectures on nest building in swamps on Thursdays and in trees on Tuesdays.

Abbey also loves elephants!


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