Cupcake Cindy (e-Pattern)


Cupcake Cindy is most famous for her secret cupcake recipe, her belly dancing displays and her luxurious yacht, (which she hires out to wealthy real estate agents in Golden Bay) when she’s not cruising around the Islands with a couple of her chef friends.
Cindy enjoys nothing more than baking cupcakes in the yacht galley or her farmhouse kitchen and sharing them with her workmates and friends. Her favourite flavour is rhubarb and ginger.
Every Thursday Cindy poses as an artist’s model to earn her extra cash, which she uses to buy food for her butterfly farm.
Cupcake Cindy has a kind heart, a strong disposition and amazing ability in rodeo riding.

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Cupcake Cindy is a little smaller than most of my dolls standing at just 10″ (25 cm) tall.


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