Leo and Queenie (e-pattern)


Jill’s Latest Creation!
Leo stands about 14 ins or 36 cm tall while his ‘friendly’ crocodile is 19 ins or 50 cm long
An unlikely pair maybe but…….


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Leo lives on a farm in the outback near a river,  it’s a 10 hour drive in the old Toyota to the city. He travels there twice a year to buy a donut, see a movie and fill the truck with petrol.

He met Queenie when swimming a couple of years ago and they became good buddies, often spending their afternoons walking along the river bank, Leo throws sticks into the water and Queenie retrieves them. Sometimes, for a change, Leo takes Queenie to the travelling carnival, they ride the dodgems, eat candy floss, check out the coloured lights and return home happy, stomachs full and tired bodies.

Sometimes people are a little scared of Queenie but she only eats really mean bullies!




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