Mr Hare (e-pattern)


Mr Hare is similar to make up like Douglas Dog, we make up the base/ body, he is wired inside stuffed and then the fun begins, all the small scrapes of different fabrics are frayed and sewn on all over the hare shape with strong black thread, it’s so much fun, a bit of a challenge but once you get into the swing of it you’ll find you create a piece that is entirely original. You will learn how to use the fabrics to shade and shape him. It’s a bit messy, threads everywhere!
He stands about 19″ (48cm) tall


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Dashing Mr Hare hails from Hawera, he has a haphazard, haram- scarum attitude, he never wastes time splitting hairs over minor difficulties and races through life like a tornado causing slight havoc and making the most of every second. He avoids responsibilities, challenges authority, is often outspoken and very untidy

His friends see him as a loveable rogue who’s always whistling, never on time and a terrible flirt.