Sofia and George (e-pattern)


Sofia stands just over 10″ or 26cm tall and she just loves elephants especially her favourite pet George

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Sofia is devoted to learning about elephants, here are some of the facts she has learnt. Baby elephants weigh about 260 pounds at birth, one adult tooth can weigh 5 pounds.
Elephants can’t jump, trot or gallop, but can swim using their trunk as a snorkel.
They can suck up 14 litres of water in their trunk and then blow it straight into their mouth. They eat about 50 tons of food a year.
The reason they spray mud over themselves when bathing is because it acts as a sunscreen when it dries.
Female elephants spend their lifetime living with their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters, the adult males prefer a bachelor lifestyle.
Their trunks are very sensitive and can pick up a blade of grass or rip a branch off a tree.
Sofia plans to go to South Africa and Asia when she has saved enough money to see elephants in their natural habitat.
Meanwhile she sleeps with George every night