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Skipping into the 2014

Shelia's Trifle Some of the reason's I've been  a little slow to get back to work!

Shelia’s Trifle
Some of the reason’s I’ve been a little slow to get back to work!

Summer in the Garden

Summer in the Garden

I know I’m like the white rabbit, a little late, but due to lots of lovely visits from family and friends, trips away, catching up around the house and gardening, time really has rushed past in a whistling buzzing blur!

I had the best time doing some painting, an old dark cabinet is now an old white cabinet, looks a thousand times better and was so much fun, I’m hooked!

As for new designs, Ive just finished Clarice! I’ll post up some pictures later.

Ready to teach is Yvonne, the girls at Cottage Flair will be making her in March.

catch you again soon, cheers Jill

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