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A few changes!

As you will have noticed our website is under going a few changes. The underlying reason is to sort out all the glitches with the shopping cart and checkout pages. Both should now be working fine! Please leave a note on our ‘contact’ page if you have any questions or add to our blog to share anything about our patterns or doll making in general.

Also we now have links to Pinterest and our new Slightly Weathered Ladies Facebook page. Do check them out!
Cheers, Jill

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A few issues with our website

Hi everyone, just letting you know we have been having a few hiccups with our website, thank you to all the wonderful people that have let us know and thank you for your patience.
Hopefully it will be fixed very soon, in the meantime if you were wanting a pattern from us, just email us direct at and Gordon can sort it out for you.
Very sorry for the inconvenience, enjoy your day, cheers Jill

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Time to go!

Hi everyone, the month with our lovely daughter and granddaughter is nearly over, they fly out this week back the UK and gorgeous daddy who has missed them every minute. What a wonderful time we had together, beaches, catching up with family and friends, ice-creams sightseeing and we’ve been playing in my studio, Rochelle making cushions and bags and Ferne and I designed and made a couple of monsters, one for her and the other for favorite Uncle Rod……..because he hasn’t got a pet! She insisted Uncle Rods should only have one eye!

Anyway it’s time I got back to doing a little work here, so with a head full of wonderful memories with photos and videos to back it up, we should be back into the swing of things next week, well that’s the plan!
Enjoy yourselves and why not make yourself a monster!

The Monsters!

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Summer in full swing!

Hi again, nearly the end of January, here in New Zealand it’s been blue skies and plenty of sunshine, which is lovely,  since the children are off school for their long summer break, the beaches have been very popular and there is a well trod path to our neighbors swimming pool!
Most of our meals have been eaten outside under the trees, to our great joy we had a wonderful crop of apricots this year, (my mouth waters as I write that!) Now the tomatoes are ripening, the salad veggies, herbs are plentiful, and with lots of friends calling it’s been perfect, soul food!
And the renovations are finished!!
I haven’t been doing a lot of sewing although friends and I had a fun day making colorful fabric beads, they turned out gorgeous, I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet, but really enjoyed making them!
Looking forward to a busy year, several new teaching places, one being, Cushlas at Mapua, which is between Nelson and  Motueka, and Lisa has taken over the shop in Geraldine, The Pin Tin (formerly Needle ‘n Thread) always a favourite place to teach, both of these are in the South Island.
In the North Island I’m booked for Rotorua, Turangi, Whakatane, Te Awamutu, Palmerston Nth, and I can assure you, everywhere I teach the classes are full of lovely, interesting, clever people, I feel really blessed being their company. Check out our website for updates.
I have been busy with a new design, her name is Abbey, her parrot is Petunia and her little finch is Betty in a basket.  There’s  lots of work yet to do on the pattern but I’ll be teaching her first in June at Cottage Flair in Rotorua. Check out their website, it’s a ‘ most see destination’  wonderful shop, staff and classroom!
Meanwhile we are very excited as our daughter and granddaughter are coming over from the UK for a holiday, I’m going to teach a three and a half year old to sew!….. Oh yes I am!!
Catch you again soon, cheers Jill
Abbey with Petunia Parrot and Betty Finch

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Starting a new year

Hi everyone, about to start a new year! The last one flew by for me, mainly full of joy with only a few little hiccups to keep things interesting !

The highlight of course was our trip to the UK, the Applegarth fair was wonderful, so much talent and lovely people and I hit the ground running when we arrived back with teaching appointments.

Classes have been wonderful, I’m so lucky to meet such interesting people, when you have a dozen people from different walks of life, with totally different jobs joining together with a common interest  it is honestly a privilege to be in their company for 2 days, we spark off each other, learn heaps, encourage, joke, have differing opinions and genuinely care about and respect each other.

I’ve seen many friendships start in class, often the next time I’m teaching in that area, someone who was new, or has traveled a distance is staying with or sitting next to the friend they met during the last class, good stuff!!

Sometimes I’m surprised by peoples reactions to a new or different doll I’ve made. I was feeling quite challenged when one of my friends from a textile/ doll group I belong too, gave everyone a bag of ‘stuff’ to use up making whatever they wanted, bringing the final product to club a few months later. I’ll try and add a photo at the end of this blog! Anyway I ended up making a very unusual animal type thingy.







Not really my thing at all! To cut a long story short I was exhibiting in an exhibition and needed something to fill a space at the last minute so I hung him up, he caused to most discussion and sold as soon as it opened, I didn’t even get to show my friend my finished piece!

Ive also had fun doing a bit of taxidermy, not the real bones, skin and flesh type, but with fabric, the reindeer were the most popular and the goats a close second, it started from a piece of wood Gordon was throwing away from the bathroom renovations (now that’s another longish story!!) I brushed it with chalk paint, sanded down the corners, put 2 very large nails through the back of it, made up the head and stitched and glued it onto the board. Then I gave them all incredible names to suit.

I intend to update this blog regularly in the future, that’s one of my New Years resolutions !!

I’m already working on some new designs an have lots of teaching dates booked, thank you if you have been to one on my classes, bought a pattern, sent a photo, emailed or laughed with me this year, all the very very best for 2015, anything I can help with please let me know, and now that Gordon has NEARLY finished the bathroom, he is at your beckoned call too!

Happy New Year

Cheers Jill xo

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Birds Nest Hair

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Back Again!

Well it’s way time I updated this, so much going on I get lost in the moment, I was in Auckland the other day and a lovely friend reminded me to get updated, just the push I needed , thanks Karen.
It’s been a busy fun  2014, I’ve been loving the teaching and travelling, designing, as well as making ‘one offs’  we had a fantastic month in the UK with family and are now in the middle of renovations, which are going slowly and steadily, as Gordon is doing most of the work himself, he has talent where I have none!
I’ve been to a great little exhibition in Turangi this last week, what a wonderful talented community, all share the same arts centre, leading to a varied display of amazing talent including pottery,needle craft, felting, painting, jewellery and a bit of my work, well worth a look if you are passing, very friendly locals!
Before the end of November I’ll be teaching at Te Awaumutu, Palmerston North and Rotorua, I’m working on the pattern for Cindy the cupcake lady, better get it finished or I’m in big trouble!
Spring weather here which means very changeable, one minute I’m in summer gear, next I’m pulling out the jumpers again.
Hope you have had a chance to play and create and feed your sole, promise to update this more regularly, cheers Jill

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In the UK!

Hi everyone, here we are in the UK spending precious time with our daughter, son in law and gorgeous granddaughter, who live in West Sussex, we’ve left the cold winter days behind in NZ and not missing it one bit!

I wanted to tell you we have arranged to have a stall at
Applegrath, next Saturday, 12th July, 11am – 7 pm.

Applegarth Farm, Headley Road, Grayshott, Hampshire, GU26 6JL

Here’s a few photos of some of the dolls I have for sale, there’s lots more, so come to check it out, it’s a great place, wonderful stalls, lots of entertainment and please make yourselves known, I would love to met you and put a face to your emails!
Catch you later, cheers Jill

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